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    Boat Transport FAQ's

    Q. Do boat shippers need any special licenses or insurance?
    Yes. Boat movers must have proper operating authority which requires they have a MC #/DOT # issued by the Federal Highway Safety Administration. They are also required to carry liability and cargo insurance. You can check their MC #/DOT # at and always ask to see a copy of their certificate of insurance.

    Q. If I have a trailer, can they use for my boat transport?
    The trailer must be in very good, roadworthy condition and properly maintained. Any time spent preparing or fixing boat trailers will be billed to the customer at the transporters hourly rate. Also any damages resulting from a faulty boat trailer will not be covered by the transport company's insurance.

    Q. How much should my deposit be?
    Deposits on your boat transport will vary depending on the transporters requirements and if your boat requires special permits or/and an escort. Boats that usually require special permits are eight foot six inches wide or more than eleven feet six inches in height and over thirty feet long. Check with each shippers and transporters policy on there deposit requirements and refund policy in the event of a cancellation.

    Q. How do I prepare my boat for shipping?
    Lifeboats cannot be transported on davits. They should be stored securely in the yacht cockpit or cabin. Shrink-wraps or any coverings must be securely fastened. Boat Transporters are not responsible for preparing boats for transport. They are also not liable for damage caused by any coverings or torn shrink-wrap. Transports strongly recommend that all wooden boats be transported on cradles. All items in the cabin and cockpit should be securely fastened or stored properly including dashboard electronics.

    Q. What forms of payment are accepted by boat movers?
    Boat Transporters and movers accept cashier and certified checks, cash and most major credit cards for the deposit. Usually only cash, cashiers or certified checks will be acceptable upon delivery of your boat. Check payment policies in terms with your boat transport provider. We also suggest you read the refund policy of your chosen shipper carefully.

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