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    When choosing a car transport company there are many things to plan and consider. One of the first things to consider is when do I need the vehicle to arrive at it's destination? You should book your auto transport two to three weeks in advance of that date. If shorter notice is required express vehicle transport can be arranged and will cost a bit more. The second thing to consider is the contract or bill of laiden. Read it carefully and know your contract. Items to look for here are: What is there vehicle pick up window time? Is it guaranteed and what is the refund policy of the contract, if the auto is not picked up within that time window?

    Other things to consider when hiring auto transporters is the method of transport. There are several ways to transport a vehicle. Standard auto transport is done by truck using an open car carrier, ones like we see on the highways mostly. Another method which will run 25-30% more is an enclosed car transport. This is a method of transport which protects your vehicle from the elements like harsh weather and road debris. If you have a high end car, collectible automobile or show car this method is a good way to go. There are three types of companies that can handle your auto transport. There are carriers, auto transport brokers and drive away services. They are all capable of handling your transport depending on your needs. Carriers can control pick up and drop off dates more because they own their own trucks. Brokers on the other hand do not own their own trucks but have a network of truckers to call on and may offer more flexible pricing. Auto drive away services are companies that actually have drivers that drive your car to its destination. This method can be cost effective depending on gas prices but will also put more wear and tear on you vehicle. Again, depending on your needs they are all suitable choices., your provides you up to 6 free, no hassle, affordable auto transport quotes from reputable and reliable auto shipping companies.

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