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    international car shipping quotes

    International Auto Shipping Quotes

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    International Car Shipping FAQ's

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    Q. Will I need to deal with Customs when shipping my car overseas?

    A.Many companies will have clearing agents and custom brokers that can handle and prepare your car for international shipping, as well as, agents at the destination port who will assist you. You can opt do this work yourself as well, but many times this is better left to an experienced international auto shipper.

    Q. Will there be International port and clearance charges?

    A. Yes, each country differs, but there are doc fees and off loading fees that are charged by the destination countries. Your vehicle shipping company will inform you of these charges. You may also be liable for import duties and taxes due in some situation and each countries import and export policies.

    Q. Is my car insured while in transit overseas?

    A. Maritime Law declares that shipping companies are liable to no more than $500 per vehicle. It is strongly recommended you purchase an extra insurance policy. They offer full coverage, which covers all damages and shipping expenses. The second policy offered is total loss, which covers just the value of the auto or vehicle.

    Q. How much gas should I leave in my vehicle when shipping overseas?

    A. No more than 1/4 tank is requested, when shipping your car or vehicle overseas.

    Q. How will my car be shipped?

    A. When shipping a vehicle internationally or overseas, the vehicle shipping company has different options to offer you depending on your needs and budget. Some options are cheaper than others and less costly. They can offer you container shipping, roll on, roll off, or a few other options including air. We recommend you discuss the options with your international car shipper. See international transport & shipping examples to the right.

    Q. Can I store personal items in my car?

    A. In most cases you can store items in the vehicle depending on the method of shipping. Your personal items may not be insured. If you are shipping your vehicle in its own container, your items can be insured, otherwise, usually not. Again be clear of this and ask your international shipper of choice.

    Q. Will I need to have my vehicle delivered to a terminal?

    A. A terminal is necessary only in the event there is not enough room for a truck to drop off your vehicle at its destination, because of a narrow or dead end street, or any other conditions that would not allow a truck to enter. These terminals are fully licensed and insured. Most ports have more than sufficient space.

    Q. What forms of payment is accepted by international car shippers?

    A. International auto shippers accept cashier and certified checks as well as cash and credit cards for the deposit. The balance is due upon delivery and only cash, cashiers or certified checks are accepted unless other arrangements have been made prior to your transport!

    Q. What if my car is inoperable, can it still be transported?

    A. The car can still be shipped, but in most cases additional fees will apply due to the extra equipment and labor required to transport your vehicle. Also a container may be used for this tye of vehicle shipping.

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    International Shipping Tips

    international  vehicle shipping ports
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    Quick Shipping Tips:
    Make sure you have the title to your vehicle or a certified copy issued from the division of motor vehicles. This will be required by international customs and clearing agents.



    roro transporter cargo ship
    Example of a roll on, roll off cargo transport ship. This type of shipping vessel is referred to as "RoRo".


    international container shipping
    Example of international container shipping used to transport your vehicle and other items overseas.




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