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    Auto Transport Industry News - Archives

    March 2012

    The Truckload Carriers Association is hosting their annual meeting in Orlando Florida this month. For more information on the event visit their website for details.

    The new hours of service rules are final as of February 27, 2012. The rule changes effecting personal property carriers are now in effect and as follows courtesy of the FMCSA website:

    11-Hour Driving Limit
    May drive a maximum of 11 hours after 10 consecutive hours off duty. 10-Hour Driving Limit May drive a maximum of 10 hours after 8 consecutive hours off duty.

    14-Hour Limit
    May not drive beyond the 14th consecutive hour after coming on duty, following 10 consecutive hours off duty. Off-duty time does not extend the 14-hour period. 15-Hour On-Duty Limit
    May not drive after having been on duty for 15 hours, following 8 consecutive hours off duty. Off-duty time is not included in the 15-hour period.

    60/70-Hour On-Duty Limit
    May not drive after 60/70 hours on duty in 7/8 consecutive days. A driver may restart a 7/8 consecutive day period after taking 34 or more consecutive hours off duty. 60/70-Hour On-Duty Limit
    May not drive after 60/70 hours on duty in 7/8 consecutive days.

    Sleeper Berth Provision
    Drivers using the sleeper berth provision must take at least 8 consecutive hours in the sleeper berth, plus a separate 2 consecutive hours either in the sleeper berth, off duty, or any combination of the two.


    February 2012

    As a new year begins, thing heat up in Washington in the House and Senate. The 2 have major differences in their version of the Transportation Bill, most about where to spend the money and what's a priority. For more on the Transportation Bill visit

    January 2012

    If you like Storage Wars, A&E has a new show to be aired Starting January 10th at 10 PM. The show is called Shipping Wars & features transport companies in their daily job duties. If it's anything like many A&E programs is should prove to be entertaining.

    In other transport news to start off the 2012, carriers are still awaiting final rules on electronic onboard recorders While many larger transporters are already using them, they are not yet mandatory.


    December 2011

    Well here we are, the last month of the 2011 year. As always lets take a look back and summarize the year in the transport & shipping industry. Have a great Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year from

    2011 Summary:

    Secretary of Transportation announces final ban on hand held cell phones and devices for driver of commercial trucks and buses.

    Stricter International regulations for cars entering the country

    New hours of service implemented for November to transport industry drivers.


    November 2011

    Its been reported in the Huffington post there are concerns of exploding refrigerated containers used for International shipping. For more on the international container story. more on the story.

    October 2011

    Making shipping & transport headlines for October 2011 are the declining prices in oil which should lead to a decrease at the pump. This should lower overhead for carriers and bring lower car transport costs to the consumer.

    October transport news also brings some international headlines from more strict regulations on cars entering the country, transport infrastructure and other topics. for more information check out Google News on the topic.


    September 2011

    There has been an alert issued to carriers to be on the watch for companies selling training materials and logbooks, aggressively .Transport carriers click here to view alert.

    In other transportation news President Obama has launched a highway bill that will extend the gasoline tax and also fund infrastructure projects.

    August 2011

    The federal motor carrier safety administration has implemented a new tool for trucking companies to check & measure their safety performance. The new toll can be found here:

    There is also a helpful section included that breaks down into 7 categories to help transporters & transportation companies to improve safety.

    In other important news Washington Lawmakers are trying to reach an agreement on the debt ceiling which is good news for all industries and the economic stability of the United States.


    July 2011

    The U.S. Department of Transportation is proposing new rules that will ban the use of cell phones by commercial truck and bus drivers while driving. Currently the proposed change is targeting only interstate drivers.

    The Department of Transportation is also proposing a change to the hours of service rule currently in place. The 34 hour restart ruler would remain in effect but the new provisions would be that carriers complete all the driving duties within a 14 hour period.

    June 2011

    The good news for both consumers & transport companies alike is that diesel fuel, continues to drop over the last month. In other transport headlines the federal motor carrier safety administration extended there hours of service changes. The new hours of service rules for drivers should be completed by November.

    May 2011

    The FMCSA cracked down in April on rouge moving companies who operated unsafely or are considered fraudulent movers. If you are moving this season be sure to check out the dot org site Protect Your Move for more information on credible moving companies.

    May's trend for fuel prices continues to rise, as gasoline rises well over $4.00 per gallon in most states.


    April 2011

    As of March 21st the FMCSA declared that only house hold goods carriers and HHG freight forwarders have evidence of cargo insurance on file with them.

    In other transport news oil prices continued to rise in March and with the turmoil in the middle east, it's not expected to head lower anytime soon. This will drive up the cost of vehicle shipping as well as many other consumer items like food due to increases in diesel fuel costs.


    After massive civil unrest in the Middle East, oil prices have risen drastically over the last month. Experts say gas prices could top $5 dollars per gallon this summer which would effect auto transport pricing dramatically.

    March 2011

    Special Message: supports the people of Japan and the Red Cross emergency efforts. On Friday March 11th, an 8.9 earthquake and tsunami rocked the coastal villages of Japan. The international shipping businesses have been effected, but on a much larger scale the major loss of life and people who continue to suffer in Japan, is of deeper concern to all. Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of this natural disaster.

    Topping transportation headlines in March is the debate over the high speed railway to be built in Florida. Governor Rick Scott is against building the railway due to Florida's Budget problems. He was stated saying the current railway already loses money and this would be more of the same. Transportation secretary Ray Lahood wants Scott to go ahead with the project.

    February 2011

    Toping the headlines in transportation and shipping industry this month was going be rising gas prices and the weather in the Northeast. The massive amount of snow from Washington DC to Maine has caused massive delays in transport. Many consumers are still waiting for their vehicles because of the storms. It also looks like there will 2 more storms to kick off the month of February.

    However, toping the headlines is the civil unrest in Egypt. On Friday protestors marched the streets in massive protests across the country causing massive chaos. While the Suez Canal remains open as of now, some whether for how long and how this is going to effect the bulk and oil shipping companies going forward.


    January 2011

    Happy New Year! There's allot of excitement surrounding an economic recovery for 2011 for both consumers and business alike. With the extending of the tax cuts and some promising legislation on the way for businesses, many are looking forward to a better revenues in this year.

    Although gas prices are expected to rise which always effects the transportation business, most transporters are expecting additional orders.

    On the FMCSA front, La Hood is proposing a 34 hour restart for drivers behind the wheel in commercial trucks. The new hours of service rule would have drivers rest a minimum of 34 hours after driving 60-70 hours.

    December 2010

    As 2010 nears an end some questions still remain about the economy & the auto transport industry. At the current time of this post, the tax policy is still unknown as politicians debate to extend Bush tax cuts or not to further stimulate spending in this stale economy.

    While President Obama announced his support in favor of tax cut extension, there remains some resistance in the Democratic party. Many transporters in the industry are in favor of tax cuts in hopes to see a return to buying classic vehicles, collectors items or auction cars. "That's one of the segments of the market that has been substantially diminished. It has shrunk the auto transport bookings, both here in the U.S. and international shipping abroad", quotes Mr. Viera, CEO of our very own

    November 2010

    The big news to all businesses and consumers alike this month is the November 2nd elections which is expected to change the balance of power in Washington.

    For auto transporters the snowbird season kicks off and should help transport businesses as the retirees gear up to send their vehicles south to Florida from the North or Arizona.

    October 2010

    For all businesses around the globe especially logistics, the economy is the issue still at large. The good news is September recorded its best gains on wall street in 71 years. Some economists remain optimistic while others still say a double dip can occur.

    For transporters, new fuel efficiency limits recently proposed by the government for 2025 could be a good thing for their bottom line. In other news Ray Lahood kicked off his 2010 national Distracted Driving Summit imposing stricter enforcement on current regulations as well as introducing new policies for drivers in all facets of transportation.

    September 2010

    The east coast prepares for Hurricane Earl and could delay vehicle transport as drivers take cover. The storm is headed towards the the carolina's and path is projected to reach Maine by the end of the week.

    In other auto transport news as the fall nears, many brokers have seen an increase in orders and shipping requests year over year. That's a good sign as the dow had it's worst performance in 9 years.

    August 2010

    The best news is the BP oil spill has been capped and now BP is moving towards a more permanent solution.

    In other moving and transport news the FMCSA has continued their crackdown on interstate rogue moving companies and states they will remain vigilant to protect consumers. They have investigated over 350 moving companies and assessed almost a half million dollars in fines, ranging over 14 states to date.

    July 2010

    Anne Ferro of The FMCSA recently released her written statement regarding the CSA 2010 (comprehensive safety analysts). She covered the CSA core mission as well as what has already been accomplished year since the new administration. More information to see if your transportation company is ready can be found @


    June 2010

    It's one month later and the BP Rig Horizon explosion is still spewing oil all over the Gulf Coast Region. It now has reached 4 states in including Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and the west Coast of Florida. In Late April the US Department of Transportation issued an emergency relief declaration to address the transportation of supplies to help the clean up relief. It has been extended until May 30th.

    May 2010

    This months top news shift to an off topic subject regarding the BP oil rig spill. While the well still continues to spew, this could be one of the worst environmental disasters in history. Furthermore, they are still trying to figure out how to stop the leak as all the fail safe mechanisms 'failed'.

    Whether or not this has an impact on prices at the pump just in time for summer driving season remains to be seen.

    April 2010

    There's an interesting article from Inside Costco this month about how the web has improved classic auto sales called 'wheeling and dealing with the help of the web'. The company and web site is Fleming's Ultimate Garage. After all when those cars are sold, they usually needs to be transported and in most instances, it's enclosed auto transport.

    Also masking the news around the industry the federal carrier motor safety has redesigned it's web site and they have done an outstanding job.


    March 2010

    Spring is almost upon us, so snowbirds who needs cars shipped it's a good idea to start your research for choosing an auto transport company. In other transport & shipping news

    Furlough of some employees at Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has begun today as the result of exhausted stimulus funds that expired yesterday, February 28th. Its unknown how long it will last until congress can find a resolution after they have adjourned.

    February 2010

    Will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow tomorrow? Transporters are hoping. This winter has produced many major storms, resulting in major delays and headaches for truckers.

    In other news around the transport industry the Department of Transportation has banned texting for commercial truckers while driving. The announcement from Secretary Lahood forbids drivers to use handheld devices while driving and goes into effect immediately.

    do to serving consumers and transportation companies alike in 2010.


    January 2010

    Happy New Year Auto Transport Industry!

    While the economy struggles to recover, many economists believe there are signs of stabilization, which is a welcome sign for all in the transport industry and all industries for that matter. We look forward

    December 2009

    It's December already and that means almost another year behind us. For many moving companies and auto transporters they are happy to be approaching a new year as the US economy still struggles to get back on it's feet.

    The government launches its CSA 2010 program which is aimed at motor carriers and drivers to improve safety. The program's key features increases contact with drivers and carriers as well as targeting improved performance standards.

    November 2009

    The nations economy is still at the forefront of all news in any industry. When we polled auto transport brokers many said they have noticed an improvement in business, so far this fall. However, sentiments remained mixed whether the industry is re surging. Warren Buffet believes it is as he just invested $34 billion in transportation company in the form of rail.

    Editors note: If you haven't tuned in to Discovery's "Truckers" series, give it a view. It will really make you appreciate how important and what a difficult job trucking for a living is.


    October 1 2009

    A new found argument that has emerged in the media is if the recession is over or not. Both bears and Bulls make string arguments and use recent economic data, to reinforce their case.

    For the automotive industry, this quarters earnings will be bleak compared to when the government offered it's cash for clunkers program. Reports say GM may be down by as much as 45%, while ford only 7% down from the previous quarter.

    For both auto transporters and household movers, resurrecting the cash for clunkers and extending the new home buyer tax incentive would be extremely helpful to say the least.

    September 1 2009

    In transport news this month, there are a few notable occurrences. The FMCSA is considering whether or not to require a proficiency test for new trucking companies. This would be one of the first major actions for the transportation industry under Obama administration.


    In further news, the government has ended it's successful Cash For Clunkers program. The only appropriated a certain amount and the response exceeded their expectations. While not great news for car dealers and auto transport automobile manufacturers have offered several other incentives to keep the increase in sales going recently.

    August 1 2009

    Top story for the Auto Transport industry, as well as good news for the the month is Cash for clunkers. With the help of this government funded program, car dealers across the country are moving more cars and have had a surge in sales. The program allows dealers across the country to give older model cars, especially gas guzzlers up to $4,500 cash allowance trade toward your new vehicle. You can find out more details about the program @ .

    This is great news for car transporters, as there are more cars to move now, old and new, since the inception of the program.

    July 1 2009

    Sweeping changes in domestic policies to the auto & financial industry seem to dominate headlines these days. With some of the biggest auto makers in the US, now are a thing of the past. However, good news for the auto industry emerged, when Ford announcing earnings today, showing signs that the decline is actually leveling off. Most economists do agree, this is a sign the economy is recovering.

    This is a good sign for the car shipping business and welcomed, waited news. More autos being sold around the county means more sales for transport brokers and carriers as there are more car inventory to be moved. Chrysler also noted its retail sales grew as well.

    You can now visit us on Twitter! @


    June 1 2009

    The big news everyone is GM enters bankruptcy court today. The government (tax payers) will own more than 60% as they try and figure out how to make the company profitable. The trickle down will effect thousands of car dealers around the country, thus effecting auto transporters. Many car carriers have already felt the negative effects of less demand, for new cars on their bottom line. In a more positive note the Dow is up more than 200 points despite GM's bankruptcy filing.

    May 1 2009

    In the first 100 days of the Obama administration, The Department of Transportation, has been selected to receive over 48 billion dollars in funding for the 2,500 approved projects to date. LaHood stated he is happy with the progress.

    In other new effecting the auto transportation industry, Oil has risen this month and Wall Street surged for the month of April. Students, Snowbirds and summer travelers should boost the demand for car shipping this summer season.

    April 2009

    This month, how could we not discuss the current state of the auto industry as it directly effects the transportation industry? The big shake up at GM this week and the some other big auto makers are on the verge of bankruptcy. However, a restructuring is in the works, which could save these American auto makers. While auto transporters will feel the negative effects of less cars being moved from dealers, it should be lessened by the higher demand for transport & shipping during the spring and summer seasons.

    March 2009

    The economy still struggles to get back on track and many transportation companies seek to run slimmer, tighter businesses. There's no stopping father time and spring is almost upon us. For many transport companies, that's a welcome sign of relief. Even in a downturn economy spring and summer will bring more business to the entiretransportation sector.

    In other news gas prices continue top nudge up & crack spreads though a barrel of oil remains relatively static. With the influx of snowbirds and students moving their cars and household contents home should outweigh the rise in diesel fuel.

    February 2009

    While President Obama's administration and the congress struggle to find a quick solution to recover the economy transportation companies and of many other industries report dismal 4th quarter earnings.

    As in most industries the demand is down for shipping by truck and by cargo ships. The bright spot is gas prices have been low. The stimulus package may stabilize the economy but it also has its skeptics. Many believe home value slides need to be addressed first and the current stimulus does not address that.

    January 2009

    The New Secretary of Transportation has been named by the Obama administration. Obama's pick Ray Lahood is a Republican Congressman who President Obama hopes to reach across party lines. Lahood is retiring this year as a representative and has a bipartisan reputation.

    December 2008

    A look back at 2008 Auto Transport News

    A new year is upon us and for many in the transportation business, it couldn't get here fast enough, especially for many auto transport companies.

    It was an interesting and challenging year for most businesses and many americans. First we had record oil prices which effected the transportation industry as a whole. From airlines to shipping companies, to retail and auto transporters, price of gas and diesel. Than there was and still is the housing & mortgage crisis, the bank crisis which has had quite an effect on the world and US economy.

    We also had a historic event this year, the first African American President Elect. While the economy for most Americans remains very challenging there is some new hope, that this new administration will bring many needed solutions to the US economy and the return of the American Dream in 2009.


    November 2008

    A historic November is upon us. The upcoming election is debated as one of the most important presidential elections of all time. Unprecedented issues such as energy, the economy, healthcare and taxes and of course the war in Iraq have taken center stage in this election and all thru out America. The transportation industry as well as all other industries will be effected by the outcome of this election.

    Energy prices have tumbled, but rest assured steps will be taken to make the industry more efficient in the future under a new administration. Also with a new administration will come a new Department of Transportation Secretary.

    October 2008

    Gas prices exit stage left, enter the economic crisis:

    That's right, you read it right gas prices are not in this months transporter news. Taking the main stage is the financial turmoil that first hit Wall Street and has trickled down to main street, effecting transportation companies including brokers and trucking.

    The consumers wallet has been hit hard by the downturn in housing. That means no longer are the days of buying that dream car on ebay or at the dealership with a home equity loan. Plus the banking credit freeze has effected car dealers & consumers purchasing automobiles. The domino effect of this is less cars being shipped.

    The good news is although the first attempt to unfreeze the credit crisis and give Wall Street a lift has failed a second attempt has been made and passed through the senate awaiting the house yay or nay, which many experts believed if passed will slowly help wall street and main street.

    September 2008

    The story of this month seems to be the decrease and decline of crude oil, which is always good for the auto transport industry as well as the consumers. Contrary to what many experts felt about gas prices and crude oil as we reported in June's transport news, commodities are on the slide. Although there we are in peak hurricane season and a very active one, "as long as the Gulfs oil resources go unharmed gas & diesel prices should see $3.00 a barrel again", reports Hauling depot transportation experts.

    August transportation needs were a bit down from last year but the This falls demand seems to be promising, even for an election year. Plus transporters have become experts in running more efficient companies, with gas prices and competition at a peak.

    August 2008

    July was a busy month over at the US Department of Transportation. The FMCSA is continuing its fight to eliminate unethical moving companies in its efforts to protect consumers. Recently the Carrier safety administration is investigating nearly 350 moving companies within the US. For a list of these companies and more on this story please visit the FMCSA news release.

    Assistant administrator Rose Mc Murray alos spoke in front of the house committed on the state of transportation and its infrastructure this month. One of her main concerns addressed was the physical qualifications for CDL drivers and increasing regulations.

    July 2008

    Taking center stage in the transport industry for July is the the economy from the combined effects of the housing market and record oil highs, last month. It has forced some transporters off the road and made it hard for others making it hard to stay profitable. Many consumers are feeling a sticker shock, when they see the price of their auto transport. Especially those who have transported a car in the past and see vast differences in the costs.

    The good news is as in all downturns in the economy we are now looking for a bottom as some experts think it may be in sight and oil prices could actually retreat, making it easier to return to doing business profitably.

    June 2008

    It's June and moving season is upon us. The federal government has created a helpful brochure explaining valuation and insurance options for items you are transporting and moving. Its helps explain if in the event of damaged or lost items what the movers are responsible for and how much the consumer would be compensated depending on the insurance options.

    In other news topping the transport industry, is the high price of fuel (still). Is there any relief for transporters? While some experts agree that oil has reached its peak last week, at over $130 per barrel and should descend from hear, other argue that the high oil prices and even higher prices are here to stay.

    May 2008

    The effect of even higher gas prices on transportation companies and consumers, is the major headlines this month in transport news (once again). Many companies are really feeling the effect of gas prices and the consumers wallet. However in the car transport business it is a catch 22 always for the consumer. The cost to drive the vehicle themselves is not too much better of an option. For instance, to transport an 8 cylinder sedan 500 miles to transport is an average of $550 dollars. To drive that same vehicle yourself in fuel cost would be roughly 2.5 fill ups at the pump and cost you over $240 dollars. Than factor in the confidence of not driving or food and hotel costs (if needed). Where transportation fuel spikes really take there tool is the airline industry. Truckers & brokers can pass of the increases in fuel to the consumers which is less felt on an 9, 10 car carrier.

    April 2008

    The economy and the cost of diesel take the headlines this month. Economists no longer question whether or not we are in a recession anymore, but just how long it will last. The cost of fuel always has questionable effects to the industry. While it drives up the price of transport and carrier costs, it should equal out as those are passed to the consumer. Also theory is less people are apt to drive the car themselves if gas prices cost are too high. It may make more sense to hire a professional auto shipping company.

    For those auto carriers interested there is a webinar being offered by transport topics online about optimizing your fleets fuel savings on April 10th at 1:30 PM EDT.


    March 2008

    The auto transportation industry gears up for the busiest time of year as consumers wind up for there summer plans. Some transporters are forecasting this years busy season to be a bit slower than recent years as fears of a recession, or a downturn in in the economy, which may effect consumer decisions.

    Adding to the news, the cost of fuel is higher again, which also clamps down on companies as well as the US consumer. Its been all quiet at the FMCSA and since the cross border approved motor carriers project, new no other significant news to report.

    February 2008

    The biggest news for the industry is the economy and its effects on the industry - mostly in the form of you guessed it high fuel prices. Reports estimate that transporters are paying an average of .50 cents per gallon for fuel compared to last year. Also talks of whether the country is in a recession or not, predicts a lower consumer spending in at least the first 3 quarters of 08.

    Other industry news this month are with a new year comes the 2008 auto shows, which are always a nice boost for auto transport brokers & carriers bottom line as car collectors and auto manufacturers scurry to get their automobiles to auctions and the 08 car shows.

    January 2008

    Happy 2008 to The Transport Industry!

    The FMCSA has voted on an interim final rule regarding hours of service for commercial motor vehicle transporters. The decision allows up to 11 hours of driving time and a 14 hour window with at least 10 hours of rest/ non driving time. This ruling is in effect from 12/27/07.

    In other transport industry news crude oil hits $100 dollars a barrel and diesel gains to $3.46 per gallon which is an increase of almost 4 cents. Overseas news and demand as cold fronts hit the United States played a factor.

    December 2007

    Another year, looking back at transport 2007

    Topping the headlines again this year in the auto transport industry was yep, you guessed it, fuel prices. With oil topping 100 dollars a barrel, carriers were feeling it, as profit margins were squeezed. It seems like fuel prices are backing off at the writing of this article.

    The good news is for many consumers and businesses shipping their vehicles, when fuel prices are high, driving isn't a very attractive alternative. Also truck builders continue to look for better ways to make their equipment more fuel efficient to benefiting the trucking company as well as the environment. It looks as though many manufactures are actually making great strides in this department.

    In other 2007 transport headlines, there were some changes in cross border trucking and hours of service. We would like to all of our visitors and subscribers, and have a wonderful holiday season and prosperous new year in 2008!

    November 2007

    We often get questions with the dollar now lower about the rules and regulations for importing cars. For a clear and detailed answers visit the transportation safety administration. This information can also be found on our international car transport FAQ pages.

    In other news oil prices continued to soar with oil reaching over $96 dollars a barrel. We have yet to fell it at the pump but industry experts say its coming and expect gas prices to reach well over $3 dollars, thus increasing the prices of carrier costs and vehicle shipping rates.

    October 2007

    In regards to the hours of service changes and petition filed by the american trucking association, FMCSA Administrator John Hill handed down the following statement that seeks a stay period of 12 months on the new ruling.

    Also in regards to cross border trucking decision changes by the U.S. Department of Transportation cleared a 3rd Mexican trucking company for transport last Monday. More information can be found on the US Department of Transportation Briefing Web site.

    Transporters can look forward to perhaps better cell phone integration GPS and mapping software as Nokia purchases Navteq for $8.1 billion dollars. Navteq also owns, which many transport companies use for logistics planning.

    September 2007

    In transport news this month a petition has been filed regarding the new hours of service policy by the FMCSA slated to start on the 14th of this month. The petition was filed by the ATA (american trucking association). The basis of the petition is that if the new hours of service go into effect it will disrupt supply changes as well as impact the carriers financially.

    With labor day 2007 now behind us winter weather is on its way. There are many helpful weather sites that can prepare auto transporters for driving conditions and what mother nature has in store to help avoid vehicle delivery delays.

    August 2007

    After the bridge collapse tragedy in Minnesota transportation Mary Peters orders all states to inspect steel truss bridges. According to the federal Highway Administration there are 756 within the US.

    Also in transport industry news this month the FMCSA hours of service for drivers is still being viewed and the new policy does not go into effect until September 14, 2007 unless the court decides otherwise.

    As always in the industry news oil & gas prices make the headlines with oil reaching high of over $77 dollars a barrel. For more on that story visit

    July 2007

    According to transport topics online ( ) major publicly traded trucking companies shares rose recently due to the continued demands of truck transport.

    From the the Federal Carrier Motor Safety Administration in Washington D.C.,has improved but according to the transportation's inspector general, not quite ready for prime time yet.

    In July gas prices continue to rise as oil as of July 5th could top over $74.00 per barrel on international concerns. For the month of June gas prices fluctuated as reflected in rates of auto transport.

    June 2007

    Note to transporters: In May, The Federal Carrier Safety Administration moved its offices. The new address is 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE Washington, DC 20590.

    Also in transport news this month the FMSCA administrator goes before the senate to discuss safety and security issues with an emphasis on HOS. The main focus is the installation of electronic recorders for companies who have the worst hours of service records. More on the story can be found on the site at Other topics of interest are according to transport topics, the DOT reported truck related injuries and fatalities was the lowest in 2006 since 02.

    May 2007

    Again taking headlines this month are the rising costs of fuel and its anticipated to go much higher for the summer driving season, which will effect transport prices as well. From more on diesel costs across the country visit Also making headlines in transportation are the trucking provisions mentioned last month regarding cross border motor carriers. The FMCSA initiated Mexico based motor carriers to operate safely in the US.

    April 2007

    In March The FMCSA Heads Discussed the NAFTA and trucking provisions including cross border trucking & transport and free trade. More on the meeting can be found here on the fmcsa site .

    Also as usual gas prices are in the news as Transport Topics reports that crude oil tops $64 dollars per barrel in March, effecting the trucking industry and pricing.

    March 2007

    After a 4 week straight rise in gas prices and we get ready for the busy 2007 spring and summer transportation season, there could be some good news on gas prices on the horizon. The United States Congress is trying to pass anti gouging laws. If the law is passed it could be a big relief for transportation companies and ultimately consumers.

    February 2007

    On January 11th, the USDOT announced that they are cracking down and getting more serious about their hours of operation laws and repeat offenders. Their plan is to install recording devices in trucking companies who have several HOS violations.

    January 2007

    Happy New Year!

    The safety progress transport report has been updated for 2006 Also for new auto mover and moving companies there are some good company guidance help located here

    DECEMBER 2006

    Looking Back at Transport 2006

    Topping the headlines, not only for the auto transportation industry but nearly all news is obviously the high cost fuel this year. It definitely had an effect on transport brokers, carriers pricing and the whole industry. Now with prices stabilized we hope, it may be time to strategies your company and how to be more efficient next time a fuel crunch is in play. Truck makers themselves are a good place to start and they have. It looks like many manufactures ar looking at building more fuel efficient and aerodynamic trucks and carriers. For the most part it was generally pretty quiet @ the FMCSA this year. We thank you all for your readership and wish you and your families a Wonderful Holiday Season!








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