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    Ways to save Money on Your Auto Transport without sacrificing Quality

    1. Be flexible on your transport dates. Rather than dispatching a truck to pick up your vehicle alone the transport companies will work it in to their schedule with other cars near by. If time is not an option, than ask for express transport or a guaranteed pick up time. You will be asked in our car shipping quote whether you are flexible on your transport date.

    2. Bring your car to a terminal rather than "door to door" shipping. This is especially true if your vehicle is located in a smaller city or town. You can bring your vehicle to a secured terminal where your chosen transporter has designated.

    3. Compare Auto Shippers. We recommend you compare at least 3 auto transport companies. Make sure you are comparing the same quote and inclusive services. Be cautious if your car shippiing price is too cheap. While many auto shippers have some niches and have established different relationships with different auto carriers in the industry, the transport quote should not be too low when compare with others. Auto shipping quotes may vary from $100 - $200 dollars on average, from respectable auto shippers.

    4. A Word About Quality. When you have secured a good price on an auto transport company that your the most comfortable with, its time to do your research. We make sure our network of auto transporters have all the proper licenses and operating authority. We also research their BBB report for a satisfactory rating or better. However, recommend's you research the chosen company before signing the final agreement. Get all guarantees in writing, deposits and refund terms to ensure the best and smoothest transport experience!

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    Saving Tips Summary:

    1. Be Flexible On Your Dates.

    2. Compare Auto Shippers.

    3. Ask For Terminal to Terminal Transport Rates.

    4. Be Cautious If the Price Is Too Cheap!

    You Save Hassles & Money!
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    2. Our Pre-Screened Network of Auto Shippers Contact You in Just Minutes!

    3. Compare and Choose! Our Reliable Auto Vehicle Transporters Put Their Best Price First. You Get The Best Rates, Quality & Service!

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